$ 121.00 -

This treatment balances & regenerates menopausal skin Features dilutions of red ruby, black cohosh & argentite Neutralizes effects on skin from hormonallyrelated changes Helps reduce appearance of blotchiness caused by hot flashes Visibly eliminates irregular pigmentation Leave skin feeling soft, smooth, healthy & bettertoned One bottle provides a 28day course of intensive treatment Recommends using it seasonally, four times a year.

$ 43.00 -

A velvety milk makeup remover Helps gently yet thoroughly remove makeup including waterproof mascara Formulated with Rosa Centifolia to tone & shrink pores Contains Rice Bran Oil for soothing & hydrating benefits Loaded with Rose Petals to calm & decongest skin Leaves skin clean, radiant & comfortable Perfect for all skin types.

$ 135.00 -

Can be used on its own or blended with other daily regimen A powerful weekly facial treatment Helps nourish, shield & revitalize all skin types Enriched with antioxidant ingredients Developed with Parsley Seed formula & Blackcurrant Seed Delivers maximum antioxidant nourishment Skin appears softer, sleeker & refreshed Excellent for dehydrated or environmentally stressed skin To use : Apply morning or night to clean skin.

$ 42.00 -

An intensive repairing cream for nails & cuticles Formulated with Shea Butter & Canola Oil for softening & conditioning benefits Contains Tree Bark extracts from the Indian Kino tree to promote nail growth Loaded with Calcium to strengthen the nails & minimize breakage Infused with Thermal Water to deliver minerals & trace elements Unveils stronger, more elastic nails & healthier cuticles.

$ 259.00 -

A highly concentrated, cellular regenerating face serum Contains Age Reverse Complex that reinitializes 100% of the fibroblasts' original contractile power Blended with Skin Designer to stimulate the synthesis of volumizing & structural dermal components Enriched with hyaluronic acid to deliver deep hydration & plump skin instantly Infused with Oleuropein to inhibit lipofuscin production Visibly minimizes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines & dark spots Reveals a firmer, softer, smoother, brighter, eventoned & younger looking complexion.

$ 159.00 -

A groundbreaking antiaging face serum Formulated with exclusive Juvenessence+ Complex encapsulated in advanced Duo Pearl technology Contains pearls produced in lipo & hydrophases for maximum ingredient efficacy & preservation Optimizes cell respiration & stimulates skin's metabolism Visibly reduces the signs of aging while restoring vitality to skin Unveils a firmer, smoother, brighter & younger looking complexion.

$ 30.00 -

An intensely nourishing scented hand cream Contains shea butter, avocado butter, macadamia nut oil, basil & olive extracts Helps hydrate, condition & soothe hands Blended with myrrh to condition cuticles & nails Infused with an energizing green herbal scent Unveils suppler, sleeker & healthier looking hands Free of color, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil & propylene glycol.

$ 72.00 -

A waterbased, multitasking CC cream Contains Water Trans Powder imitating transparent water & fine pearl particles Helps create radiant, translucent & milkcolored skin Blended with Niacinamide for whitening action Protects skin against harmful sunrays with SPF 36 PA++ Gives a fresh, moist & flawless finish Can be used as a makeup base or primer.

$ 102.00 -

A reformulated reparative eye treatment Features a rich gelcream texture Developed with patented Chronolux CB Technology that maximizes the power of skin's nighttime renewal Remarkably minimizes noticeable signs of aging Repairs presence of past harms & prevents future harms with daily use Unveils a soft, smoother, nourished, more brilliant & younger looking eye area To use : Dip the ball of the applicator into the jar & apply 3 tiny dots to each cleansed eye area day & night...

$ 82.00 -

Gentle and skin soothing cleanser Removes the most stubborn mascara without irritating the eye zone area Ophthalmologist tested.

$ 64.00 -

A sugarandoil body peeling treatment Contains exfoliating sugar grains to remove dead skin cells & refine skin Blended with Almond Oil, Argan Oil & Macadamia Nut Oil to condition skin Loaded with Vitamin E & stem cells from the champagne pear for antiaging properties Infused with a warm woodsy fragrance to promote inner balance Body skin appears softer, smoother, more even & healthier looking.

$ 46.00 -

pluvialis Boasts antioxidative power 100 times higher than vitamin E Controls the production of free radicals Offers three times more UVB protection & twice as much protection from UVA rays Guards skin cells against suninduced premature aging signs Leaves skin comfortable & healthy looking...

$ 61.00 -

A multitasking CC cream Features a fresh, velvety texture that glides on easily & blends instantly with skin Blends perfecting natural looking pigments with light reflective pearl Offers broad spectrum UV protection (SPF35) Gives an even, matte, smooth, flawless & naturally luminofinish.

$ 424.00 -

Developed with an exclusive PAYOT AOXTM System Contains Vitamin PP, Tocotrienol & Pycnogenol® Helps fight against oxidation to suppress the formation of free radicals Supplies skin cells with adequate vitality to prevent & repair damage Restores rejuvenated & stronger skin To use : Day & night, apply to face & neck after cleansing & toning.

$ 50.00 -

A pampering shower & bath oil Provides a gentle cleansing action without drying out skin Contains Champagne Pear Stem Cells & Vitamin E to shield skin against premature aging Blended with almond oil & cuckoo flower oil to maintain skin's hydrolipid film Reduces tight feelings & moisture loss Infused with a calming fragrance of mint & lavender Leaves body skin soft, conditioned, comfortable & healthy looking.

$ 139.00 -

A nutritioskin care formulated for mature skin Contains Rhythmitised dilutions of madonna lily, gingko & hawthorn Blended with gemstones blue tourmaline, amber & gold Promotes the natural process of cell renewal Combats the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles Leaves skin firm & smooth with a youthful glow.

$ 55.00 -

An effective, targeted antiwrinkle face treatment Enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres that act directly at the core of wrinkles Features an innovative filling texture that reduces appearance of wrinkles & fine lines Contains soft focpowder to brighten dark areas Boasts a builtin precision applicator tip that ensures maximum targeted application Unveils a softer, smoother & younger looking complexion To use : Apply locally to wrinkles & fine lines after your usual face care cream.

$ 59.00 -

A highperformance protective face cream Features a lightweight, waterresistant & quickdissolving formula Boasts an advanced broad UVAUVB filter system that shields against harmful sunrays Contains antioxidant Vitamin E & a luxuriooil to combat free radical damage Infused with a subtle pleasant fragrance Creates an even, natural & radiant bronze gradually Leaves skin smooth, hydrated & healthy looking.

$ 28.00 -

A replenishing lip balm for dry & chapped lips Formulated with Vitamin E from Soybean to protect against free radicals Contains trace elements from Acacia Honey for antibacterial properties & to boost energy levels Loaded with Hesteroside from Calendula for calming & soothing benefits Leaves lips soft, elastic & comfortable.

$ 64.00 -

A medium protection face sunscreen Contains a skin brightening substance that targets the causes of blotches & freckles Blended with marine collagen & hyaluronan to protect & moisturize skin Shields skin against harmful UV rays with SPF 50 PA+++ Leaves skin soft, smooth, radiant & healthy looking Free of perfumes, coloring, mineral oils or UV ray absorbing substance.

$ 101.00 -

An effective firming face cream Contains Alguronic Acid & Pro Peptide3 to visibly lift skin Delivers vital hydration while redefining facial contours Unveils a firmer, smoother, more toned & sculpted complexion To use : Apply day & night to face & neck after cleansing.

$ 70.00 -

An effective antiaging face gel cream Contains bioactive plant based antioxidants to protect & build skin Delivers beneficial nutrients & continuoactive hydration Remarkably improves skin's tone & texture Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines Skin appears firmer, clearer, smoother & younger looking.

$ 168.00 -

A detoxifying, deep epidermal face peel Contains a unique blend of acids & LRetinol AGP Helps gently exfoliate skin, stimulate cell turnover & resurface skin without causing irritation Decongests pores & clarifies oily, impure & blemishprone skin Skin appears calmer, smoother & hydrated with a healthy glow For professional use only.

$ 71.00 -

Avoid over stimulating skin when applying A detoxifying & matifying face moisturizer Formulated with grapefruit seed extract, green zinc & lentil extract Helps regulate sebaceogland activity & maintain skin's sebum integrity Blended with micro pearls to absorb excess sebum & inhibit shine Ensures a longer lasting makeup application throughout the day Loaded with glycerin for softening & hydrating properties Gives a smooth, matte & flawless finish To use : Apply day & night a moderate amount, warming between fingers to cleansed face.

$ 75.00 -

An advanced, allinone CC cream Contains an energizing & antioxidant complex to instantly revive lackluster skin Developed with liquid mirror technology for brightening benefits Reduces & conceals blemishes while preventing signs of aging Adds a healthy rosy glow to the complexion Shields skin against harmful UV rays with SPF 35 Adapts to any skin tone Gives an even, smooth, moist & flawless finish.