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Organic Beetroot Powder - 200g - Pouch - Unflavoured

Organic Beetroot Powder - 200g - Pouch - Unflavoured

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What can I use Beetroot Powder for? From your fruity smoothies to traditional chocolate cakes, try substituting standard food colouring with our Beetroot Powder for an all-natural boost of colour, protein and fibre. Beetroot, otherwise known as ‘red beet’ or simply ‘beet’, commonly refers to the main root of the beta vulagris plant – historically cultivated for its culinary and medicinal properties. It’s also a great source of natural protein, which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass – important whatever your fitness goals What does it taste like? Our Organic Beetroot Powder has a slightly sweet and earthy flavour. Try our delicious Berry Beetroot Overnight Proats or our no-bake Chocolate Coated Coconut Bars – for the ultimate in breakfast prep and guilt-free treats. Our Organic Beetroot powder is perfect for livening up food dishes with its vibrant red colouring, and it’s packed with nutritional benefits, too! What are the benefits of Organic Beetroot Powder? It’s high in fibre, saturated fat-free and low in salt, making it ideal for supporting your healthy lifestyle.

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