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3T Stilo 25 Pro Aluminium Seatpost - 27.2 x 400mm - BlackWhite by 3T

3T Stilo 25 Pro Aluminium Seatpost - 27.2 x 400mm - BlackWhite by 3T

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Pro model is fabricated in high-strength AL 7075 T73 alloy. 6x400mm) Length (mm) : 280/350/400. Stilo is an all-new, general-purpose seatpost with 25 mm setback. Saddle cradle capture bolts are disposed fore-aft thumbwheel on captive front bolt allows easy fine adjustment of cradle angle. Choice of three lengths and two diameters, finish Shot Peened/Black Anodized. Shaft Material : AL7075 T73 Head Material : AL7075 T73 Finish : Shot Peened Black Anodized Set Back (mm) : 25 Bolts : Steel Weight : 302 (31.

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