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Connecting with Law 3e + Statutory Int + Aus Public Law 2e + Aus by Sanson + Appleby + Mann

Connecting with Law 3e + Statutory Int + Aus Public Law 2e + Aus by Sanson + Appleby + Mann

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+ Australian Public Law 2nd Edition begins with a consideration of the idea of public law and develops a clear theoretical framework for investigating its subject matter. Readers are encouraged to learn the meaning of a particular term link it with related concepts and locate it within the larger body of law. This fresh approach to introductory law is designed to engage students with contemporary examples and case studies they can relate to and which help them understand the law. The structure of this book is aligned with the length of a typical semester and in addition to research and analysis of statutory interpretation rules and principles it provides case scenarios and application exercises. Students can also browse alphabetically through the words which is important if they are unsure of spelling. It introduces students to the key principles concepts and institutions in Australian Public Law and provides a solid foundation for the study of constitutional and administrative law. It provides students with a broader context which allows them to start thinking about the values law embodies and their relationship to society. Connecting with Law 2nd edition covers the foundations of law in an interesting and thought provoking way challenging students to think critically question ideas and connect with law. The �public law� concept is explained through analysis of the mechanisms of power and control including discussions of the functioning of the institutions of government and contemporary issues. + The Australian Law Dictionary is a key reference for those who need familiarity with and knowledge of Australian legal terms. Each copy comes with a free Australian Law Dictionary 2nd edition obook. This is an online ebook that gives students the freedom to search for the terms they need through any internet connected device without needing to download or pay extra for special software. . It contains a Statutory Interpretation Index (SII1) synthesising the book�s rules of statutory interpretation then embedding these in a set of four practical exercises. Chapter 14 has been designed as a consolidating chapter to which readers will repeatedly refer. + Statutory Interpretation is specifically designed to equip students with the statutory interpretation skills they need in practice. Designed for students in response to research the ALD is structured to ensure comprehensive coverage of core legal content.

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