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Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum 40ml1.35oz Skincare by Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt Do Not Age Transforming Pearl Serum 40ml1.35oz Skincare by Dr. Brandt

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A groundbreaking anti-aging face serum Formulated with exclusive Juvenessence+ Complex encapsulated in advanced Duo Pearl technology Contains pearls produced in lipo & hydrophases for maximum ingredient efficacy & preservation Optimizes cell respiration & stimulates skin's metabolism Visibly reduces the signs of aging while restoring vitality to skin Unveils a firmer, smoother, brighter & younger looking complexion.

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pluvialis Boasts antioxidative power 100 times higher than vitamin E Controls the production of free radicals Offers three times more UVB protection & twice as much protection from UVA rays Guards skin cells against suninduced premature aging signs Leaves skin comfortable & healthy looking...

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A detoxifying, deep epidermal face peel Contains a unique blend of acids & LRetinol AGP Helps gently exfoliate skin, stimulate cell turnover & resurface skin without causing irritation Decongests pores & clarifies oily, impure & blemishprone skin Skin appears calmer, smoother & hydrated with a healthy glow For professional use only.

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A powerful firming & rejuvenating face cream Contains Dynalift & Lift Firming Complex for instant & intense firming effect Blended with stabilized Vitamin C to stimulate collagen synthesis & illuminate skin Loaded with antioxidant Grapeseed oil to regenerate skin Infused with Hydrocyte Complex to hydrate skin & bind water at the heart of cells Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles Unveils a smoother, more lifted & recontoured complexion Perfect for all skin types.

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A nutritioskin care formulated for mature skin Contains Rhythmitised dilutions of madonna lily, gingko & hawthorn Blended with gemstones blue tourmaline, amber & gold Promotes the natural process of cell renewal Combats the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles Leaves skin firm & smooth with a youthful glow.

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A purifying & mattifying fluid With a lightweight & nongreasy texture that penetrates quickly into skin Contains azelaic acidglycin & mattifying powders Helps reduce & absorb excess sebum to prevent formation of acne Unveils a radiant, shinefree & healthy looking complexion.

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A targeted poreunclogging face exfoliator Contains astringent Rose Fruit Extract to control skin's keratinization process Shrinks dilated pores & refines skin texture Blended with Chilean Mint Extract to control excess sebum Infused with 3% Glycolic Acid that provides a deep peeling action to clear clogged pores Loaded with Zinc Extract to normalize sebum level & purify the epidermis Leaves skin smooth & shinefree Ideal for combination to oily skin.

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An organic, natural lip balm Formulated with Organic Aloe Vera & Organic Jojoba Oil Helps maintain moisture balance & protect lips from drying out Leaves lips soft, smooth & naturally beautiful Free of preservatives, petrochemical derivatives & artificial dyes.

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The final step of the cleansing process Helps tone & keep skin clean Purifies pores to reduce the appearance of blackheads Antiseptic & antiinflammatory Minimizes the outbreak of acne Leaves skin fresh & healthy.

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Use 1 � 2 times a day or as advised by skincare professional Massage into skin thoroughly A skin clarifying facial treatment Formulated with Idebenone Complex & botanical agent Methyl Gentisate Helps visibly minimize appearance of uneven skin tones Unveils clearer & flawless looking skin To use : Apply a small amount to face, neck, hands, arms & body.