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Airborne Honey Honey for Kids 500gm by Airborne Honey

Airborne Honey Honey for Kids 500gm by Airborne Honey

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Airborne Honey for Kids is a pure, natural New Zealand honey made just for kids. It has a deliciously mild flavour that research shows kids just love. A fun design encourages kids to eat something healthy Honey is a great source of natural energy and a healthy spread for kids. This means that the honey will only come out when the bottle is squeezed (even when it's held upside down) and will stop cleanly, leaving no drips around the lid. Inside the cap is a cut off valve that stops waste and sticky mess around the lid. Every jar donates to Cholmondeley Children's Centre. The fun, bright design means kids love using it and also makes it easier to encourage kids to eat something healthy. No mess, no waste cap The special cap is what is really different about this honey.

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