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Force USA Kettlebell 20kg - BlackGold by Force USA

Force USA Kettlebell 20kg - BlackGold by Force USA

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The size is displayed in both KG and LB and available in sizes ranging from 4 KG to 40 KG in 4 KG increments. The handles have been designed to be the ideal diameter to suit most users and includes a comfortable texture giving a strong grip but won't rip your hands or be slippery to hold during any dynamic movement. Each Force USA Kettlebell is finished in Eco Coat black powder coating which won't rub off on your hands and colour coded for each size with coloured rings on the handles. 95 F-KB12 BBLForce USA - Kettlebell 12kg Black & Blue$ 52. This ensures you will never need to worry about the possibility for your kettlebell to become a head-seeking-missile. 95 F-KB8 BPUForce USA - Kettlebell 8kg Black & Purple$ 37. 95 F-KB32 BYOForce USA - Kettlebell 32kg Black & Yellow$ 124. 95 F-KB36 BORForce USA - Kettlebell 36kg Black & Orange$ 139. 95 F-KB16 BGNForce USA - Kettlebell 16kg Black & Green$ 67. 95 F-KB28 BGYForce USA - Kettlebell 28kg Black & Grey$ 109. 95 F-KB24 BRDForce USA - Kettlebell 24kg Black & Red$ 94. Size Name Colour Price F-KB4 BWHForce USA - Kettlebell 4kg Black & White$ 22. 95 F-KB40 BBKForce USA - Kettlebell 40kg Black & Black$ 154. 95. Force USA Commercial Grade Kettlebells are produced as a one-piece forged construction for ultimate strength and durability. 95 F-KB20 BGDForce USA - Kettlebell 20kg Black & Gold$ 82.

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