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Pro Grade Kettlebell - 20kg by Force USA

Pro Grade Kettlebell - 20kg by Force USA

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The uniform size of Pro Grade Kettlebells makes it easier to maintain the same technique as you move up in weight. The handle is slimmer than with the traditional kettlebell preventing lateral slipping and minimising fatigue during high rep sets. The steel design means your kettlebell will last a lifetime. Traditional kettlebells vary in size according to the increase in weight whereas Pro Grade Kettlebells are the same size regardless of the weight. Pro Grade Kettlebells have a larger mass in the ball of the bell which gives better ballistic abilities and a more natural movement and rotation throughout exercises. Available Sizes : PGK-8 = 8kg - Light Purple PGK-10 = 10kg - Light Grey PGK-12 = 12kg - Blue PGK-14 = 14kg - Black PGK-16 = 16kg - Yellow PGK-18 = 18kg - Light Blue PGK-20 = 20kg - Purple PGK-22 = 22kg - Dark Grey PGK-24 = 24kg - Green PGK-28 = 28kg - Orange PGK-32 = 32kg - Red Some sample Exercises : Abdominals Advanced Kettlebell Windmill Bent Press Double Kettlebell Windmill Kettlebell Figure 8 Kettlebell Pass Between The Legs Kettlebell Windmill Chest Alternating Floor Press Extended Range One-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press Leg Over Floor Press One-Arm Kettlebell Floor Press Plyo Kettlebell Pushups Forearms Bottoms-Up Clean From The Hang Position Hamstrings Kettlebell Dead Clean Kettlebell Hang Clean Kettlebell One-Legged Deadlift One-Arm Kettlebell Clean One-Arm Kettlebell Swings One-Arm Open Palm Kettlebell Clean Open Palm Kettlebell Clean Middle Back Alternating Kettlebell Row Alternating Renegade Row One-Arm Kettlebell Row Two-Arm Kettlebell Row Quadriceps Front Squats With Two Kettlebells Goblet Squat Kettlebell Pistol Squat One-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats Shoulders Alternating Hang Clean Alternating Kettlebell Press Double Kettlebell Alternating Hang Clean Double Kettlebell Jerk Double Kettlebell Push Press Double Kettlebell Snatch Kettlebell Arnold Press Kettlebell Seated Press Kettlebell Seesaw Press Kettlebell Thruster Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (Lunge style) Kettlebell Turkish Get-Up (Squat style) One-Arm Kettlebell Clean and Jerk One-Arm Kettlebell Jerk One-Arm Kettlebell Military Press To The Side One-Arm Kettlebell Para Press One-Arm Kettlebell Push Press One-Arm Kettlebell Snatch One-Arm Kettlebell Split Jerk One-Arm Kettlebell Split Snatch Two-Arm Kettlebell Clean Two-Arm Kettlebell Jerk Two-Arm Kettlebell Military Press Traps Kettlebell Sumo High Pull. Pro Grade Kettlebells are made from steel (not cast iron) and designed to suit specifications for international kettlebell competitions.

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