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JX-DS610 Home Use Olympic Bench Press with Fully Adjustable Pad by JX Fitness

JX-DS610 Home Use Olympic Bench Press with Fully Adjustable Pad by JX Fitness

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The sliding seat mechanism allows for lightning fast adjustment from flat to upright helping you hit all areas of your chest and shoulders. The quality and affordability of the JX Olympic Bench Press ensure it stands out from the pack! Sleek black and Blue design this Olympic Bench Press unit would look great in any household. The JX Olympic Bench Press has always been a favourite for the weight trainer looking for a solid and compact bench press. Work your chest shoulders arms and legs with this fully adjustable bench press. The JX Olympic Bench Press also comes standard with a Preacher Curl and Leg Extension/Curl attachment giving you the added benefit of training your biceps legs and calfs!.

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